Waii Kurzon

Young, stern and focused, Waii is the seemingly emotionless and single minded future leader of the Fae.


Weapon Master lvl 5
Str 16 +3
Dex 18 +4
Con 18 +4
Int 12 +1
Wis 12 +1
Cha 12 +1

Base Attack: 6/1
Base Defense: +5
Base Saves: +5


Sword and shield = 23 (Base 5 + Dex 4 + Favored defense 1 + Med shield 3)
Two handed sword = 19 (Base 5 + Dex 4)


11 /6
Damaage: 1d10 4 (6 two hand)


Waii grew up in the Fae lands at the edge of the kingdom. His family is the first of the noble clans and as such have lead the Fae for several generations.

His clan has been lead by politicians and clergymen as far back as one could care to remember. The family has always negotiated peace and commerce since they took control and were instrumental in the Fae becoming part of the Empire. Waii has always been proud of his clan, but sees them as weak militarily and feels that one day, negotiations will fail. When that day comes, one must have the ability to defend against a great force, by one, he means him.

Waii is the heir to the family and will take his rightful place as leader when his father passes. He plans to build the Strength, Honor and standing of his family long before that by being an unstoppable agent of change in the world at large.

The Fae:
They are a peaceful and nurturing people who value the arts and nature and have a warm, welcoming demeanor.
They are thought of as “druids” or tribal wanderers and considered to be savage like by most in the empire. In reality they put incredibly high expectations on their people in terms of etiquette, pomp and circumstance. Fae balls rival the decadence of the mainland in most ways though they are held much less frequently.

The Fae still keep a powerful tie to nature and stay connected to the land. Many materials they use in day to day life are specially chosen for their small impact on the world and ease of replenishment.

Waii Kurzon

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