People of the Empire

The Chosen People (People of Aura, Apollona and Moira)
The Seven Families – Seven families who are a part of the emperors clan.
The Mountain Clans – Families who can prove that they have a connection to the imperial lineage in their family line. Marriage to a daughter of one of the seven families is the easiest way for a clan to become a mountain clan.
The River Clans – Clans who can prove they have at least one paragon in their lineage
Commoners – Free Citizens of the empire.
Slaves – People sold or born into bondage. Many slaves have the ability to eventually free themselves.

The Fae
The Elemental Lords – Each clan is represented by an element. They rule the fae as a council. They are equal social status of the River clan.

Worgs (The Northman)
The Council of Elders – Equal with the River clan.

“Zach name your people” (The Sea people)

People of the Empire

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